Vijayashanthi arrested…here’s the reason behind it


Prominent actress Vijayasantham has been playing an active role in the Congress from recent times. She served as TPCC campaign chairperson and lashed out at TRS party at the time of elections. Many Congress leaders have joined TRS after elections and some others stayed neutral. But, Vijayashanthi shows enormous dynamism and going forward.

Agitations are being made all over Telangana on the recent suicides by Intermediate Students. Everyone saddened with the deaths of 18 children. The government and Inter-Board are facing huge opposition from students and parents. From the last 4,5 days, student’s association and students are fighting for justice. The latest agitation was led by former MP Vijayasantham, former minister Konda Surekha and other leaders. Leaders were arrested by the police since the agitation was intensified, later they were released.


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