We stand in support for people-Pawan Kalyan in Padaru public meeting


Janasena Chief Sri Pawan Kalyan said two months ago I came here for the Meeting in this area. Several troubles came to my attention. I don’t have the need to get a new name by saying magical words and earn money. Our girls don’t even have proper bathroom. There are lots of untold problems here. Pawan Kalyan said that he did not come here to make politics between the four walls. I did not come to politics with bigger leaders. Today all of you have come to believe in me, but on the day, I started it was just you (people). There is no one on that day… I have no thousand crores. No earnings. But there is ambition and courage to serve people.
When I went to Adilabad Thanda area, I would say repeatedly. Minimum facilities, hardship. I will solve problems with agitation. Looking out from the tour of Uttara Andhra to Araku, there are many tears, difficulties … poor health conditions. There are no minimum facilities in Paderu Hospital, there are no Doctors, no Medicines. These also talked about Last Time. But no one has responded to this day. I supported the Telugu Desam Government as they will do something for people. We don’t accept bauxite mining here. I don’t know whether you will vote or not .. I came to give you the courage. We are in politics only to stand up and fight for people.


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