The title design of W/O Ram happens to have an interesting story, so we decided to decode it with the Director, Vijay Yelakanti. Having Manchu Lakshmi in the lead role, this suspense thriller is one worth watching. Vijay Yelakanti opens up and talks about the story behind the title design saying, “I was always fascinated by the title designs, but as it demands a lot of dexterity and software capabilities, I never worked on it. In my film school, I came to know that legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock in earlier stages of his career, used to write title cards for an Advertising company and also narrative cards to silent films. Hitchcock was a huge influence on me, not in just the way he created suspense, but the way he created a cinematic experience and his overall understanding of every craft.”


Vijay Yelakanti added, “Maybe because of these influences I was always longing to do the title designs and it became possible with my first film. I always believed the title design of a film should tell a story by smartly integrating the narrative in the graphic design. When we decided the title as W/O RAM, I wanted the title to be handwritten as if it is written in an application form, to be more specific, handwriting on FIR when we file a case and provide our personal details. So I first wrote it on paper using a pen, but it was too thin for a title. Then I used my phone Samsung Galaxy Note which has a digital pen (S-pen) and wrote it with a calligraphic pen. It looked good, but the calligraphy didn’t make sense as nobody uses chiseled tip pens anymore.









Then the next option was to write with a ballpoint pen using S-pen, which gave us the look that we were considering. As this is part of an application, we used blue color for the title.




Then the title was given to my friend Pratik Jaiswal who was one of the concept artists for Baahubali. He further enhanced the title and gave it a background of a neglected police file, gave a type-written font to create an immediate impression of red tapism, which is one of the core themes of the film.





This was animated and released as title design teaser.



In this film, Manchu Lakshmi plays the character Deeksha whose husband gets murdered. She sets out on a quest to find the murderer and in doing so, faces a cruel and harsh world unwilling to aid her. So we need to wait for the mystery to be unraveled. Raghu Dixit is making his music debut in Tollywood with this film. Samrat Reddy, Aadarsh Balakrishna, Priyadarshi are playing key roles. People Media Factory and Manchu Entertainment jointly producing this suspense thriller.”


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