Will solve the problems and provide huge development-Rajahmundry Urban JSP MLA candidate Atti Satyanarayana


Rajahmundry Urban MLA candidate Atti Satyanarayana undertake extensive door to door campaigns to vote JSP for a better future. He undertook campaign in Mahatma Gandhi whole sale cloth market area. People welcomed him and expressed their support to Janasena.

Addressing the people he said, ‘I have joined Janasena by having attracted to its principles and faith in Pawan Kalyan. I didn’t expect an MLA ticket, but Pawan Kalyan has encouraged me a lot. Today people are supporting Janasena. Will solve all the problems in Rajahmundry city after Janasena forms the government. Huge number of Janasainks, CPI, CPM, BSP supporters have participated in this campaign.


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